Welcome baby Owen


Caleb is so happy to finally have a baby brother!  He is looking forward to teaching him to play hockey and ride his bike… you know… not right away… but like in a few months!


Another gratuitous baby pic.

img_20161219_110334 the girls have thankfully started playing really well together. And when they aren’t trying to run Owen over with a stroller, they are great at holding his hand … or piling 50 toys on top of him.

In all seriousness, Owen is a great baby and it has been going really well with 4 kids, 5 and under.

I am having some mommy brain challenges though.  I have had some fairly embarrassing phone conversations.  I called the school to find out why a cheque hadn’t been cashed.  It was because I hadn’t sent it… and they let me know that by the way, I was about to miss another deadline for some forms.

I confirmed attendance to a holiday party, but called the wrong neighbour to confirm….  and, yes that was a very confusing conversation.

On the plus side, I got most of my Christmas shopping done in early fall, and have done some fun Christmas baking and crafts.  I will try to post some pictures later!  The laundry hamper is calling my name.

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