Hiking with tots


One must always wear the correct gear for a hike through the forest.

20170426_170731 If at all possible, rain boots, worn on the wrong feet, are ideal.  Of course pajamas are a first choice… when nothing else is clean.

20170426_171035 A prom dress is good for air circulation, and when your four year old will not wear anything else.


Being mindful of safety is always a priority when hiking with small children, so do be sure to help them find giant sticks.

20170426_171834  Make sure you have an infant strapped to you at all times.  Because, it is not a true adventure if your little one isn’t shrieking while you scramble up the side of a steep valley…. while chasing another toddler.

And of course, no hike with little ones would be complete without at least one full meltdown.

Just another day in the life of a mom trying to keep her kids away from screens… if only for a couple of hours.

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