Little happenings

On this very snowy day, as we huddle and enjoy hot beverages, we’ve been looking through some fun family moments from the last month or two.

20171225_111605-ANIMATION.gif  Who doesn’t need a little Star wars battle in their front hall?

20180121_185242.jpg We have also had a lot of chess battles around the house in the last month.  The oldest 2 kids have gotten very interested in chess lately.  The games occasionally veer off into creative regulations… but Dad is trying hard to make sure they learn how the pieces move.

20150712_185711-COLLAGE.jpg This guy has been growing like crazy, in height and in variety of interests.  When he isn’t playing hockey or soccer or doing push ups (I don’t know… he has just been doing them every morning), he can be found building elaborate multilevel homes out of boxes, go-carts out of scraps, and shoveling sidewalks for neighbours.  He also loves coming up with stories.  On his last PD day, we spent the morning putting together a book with a story he dreamed up.  The story is about a little boy named Jack who rescues fairies from peril after waking up to find himself in the desert, and returns home in time to strengthen his relationship with his parents.  If only I could get this little book animated for him, it would make a very cute gift for his friends.

I hope you other mommies that are snowed in, enjoy some special time with their little treasures!

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