Happiness in the little things


This little guy got his first haircut, and surprisingly loved it.  We went to First choice haircuts in Oakville.  It wasn’t busy, so this little man got a lot of attention.

Last week, the two oldest kids had a red and black day at school.  So I had a little fun with Caleb’s outfit.  His shirt says “It’s not broke, don’t worry, I’ll break it later”.  His suspenders are skull and cross bones with black h&m slim jeans.  I even found him some red and black sketchers with skulls on the back.

Elise picked her own outfit… avoiding a long discussion about clothing choice, I put out two full outfits with accessories and let her pick her favourites.  She ended up with a red dress with plaid patches from the children’s place and black leggings with stars on them.  I guess she’s into patterns these days…. but who isn’t?


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