Week 2 Homeschooling

We are most of the way through our second week of school.  We survived!!!

Both the kids and I are just getting into a good rhythm… I think, that I had a harder time going from summer to school…

The kids are loving our science units, so much, we take over an hour to get through a lesson, not because they are necessarily lengthy, but because they spark so much conversation!

The oldest two kids are very big fans of the reader that accompanied the Good and the Beautiful language arts course.  They have both finished them as of this morning!  (They are about 200 pages each!  They contain old, out of print McGuffey readers)  They had the choice to read it again or move on to other novels and both have chosen to read it again!  Caleb was so excited about the last story in his book, he had to stand to read!

This week, we have also begun to read Wheel on the School, which the kids are really loving.  The girls keep asking for a wagon wheel to put on our roof.  We also started reading the Golden goblet, which so far is a little hard for my kindergartener to follow… but I am hoping we will get more into it soon, because it will perfectly tie into our unit on ancient Egypt, beginning next week.

Tomorrow, we are mostly doing art with another homeschool family, reading poetry and completing our study of Hansel and Gretel (Complete Grimm’s fairy tales, Pantheon edition- for the oldest kids).  For art, we will be doing a 3D representation of the seasons changing, and enjoying some pumpkin bread we made this afternoon.

I am hoping we will also make “stone soup”.  We will prepare a soup where the kids choose the veggies and we will put in a clean stone.  Whoever gets the stone gets to make a wish.  I got the idea from a youtuber, Sundays with Sarah.  She has wonderful ideas.  …and I plan on using as many as I can. Lol

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