Week 3 Homeschooling



We made stone soup.  The kids loved to choose a vegetable and prepare it, with various levels of independence.



We got knitting towers from A Child’s Dream and the kids knitted many many ropes, scarves, belts.  Caleb, may be turning into a Grandma though, because he asked for a rocking chair… to knit in.  …that is one step away from early bird dinners!


We also made many peg doll projects.  Which has led to hours of open ended play.


We are also blastng through our reading material for the year.  Elise has been reading between 4 and 6 books a day…  some with 7 or more chapters.  Caleb is still reading a tonne, but since they are novels, it takes him a few days to get through them.  He is currently loving “the Littles”.

We are wrapping up our safety unit for Science, next week.  We are also just beginning a big project studying Ancient Egypt.  The three oldest began designing an art project and a presentation about their favourite Egyptian God or Goddess.

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