Swimming lessons in the toilet

Boy the girls have been brushing their teeth quietly for a long time….

20170228_103559  “Don’t worry mommy, we were just using our cups to take toilet water to clean the sink”  and even better, “ummm… I think Caleb forgot to flush”.

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.


Fourth babies are much easier than first babies

A full box of dominos has been dumped out next to him.

The girls have been building and tearing down magformer towers next to him.

There has been lots of dinosaur roars and little girl chatter.

Owen just keeps snoozing.  He may stir for a moment, but right back to dreamland he goes.

Whereas Caleb, our first, we would be tip toeing in the basement.  He would be napping in his crib on the second floor. Of course he would wake up if we so much as sneezed.

His floor napping is working out so well,  I am cooking up all the meat from the freezer that died yesterday.

20170111_101337 Here’s a delicious sweet potato and corn chili marinating. I used all the ground beef from the freezer and loads of corn…  the kids are crazy for corn.

What it’s really like with 4 kids, 5 and under


No makeup, negligible sleep, need a shower, a shirt that fits properly and at least 2 kids hanging off you at all times.  We are all, I think, happy that I’m not breastfeeding in the picture… well maybe not Owen.  He currently is nursing like he gets paid by the minute.


Elise is pictured here losing it, because I put lip gloss on her dry lips.  Ahhh, the glory and wonders of life with a 3 year old.

20161230_171850 We have added child height hooks by the front door, to aid in growing the children’s self sufficiency… also, so that everyone visiting our home is completely reassured, that yes, these are not all our children, and yes, we do in fact run a daycare.


On the bright side, Caleb is turning into such a great little man.  He is growing curious about dinosaurs, helicopters, planes and engineering.  We got a 174 piece set of mag formers for a relatively reasonable price during boxing week, and Caleb has been busy as a bee, building mock eiffel towers, Seattle space needles and even the sydney opera house.  Well, that and randomly pulling down his sister’s pants.



Welcome baby Owen


Caleb is so happy to finally have a baby brother!  He is looking forward to teaching him to play hockey and ride his bike… you know… not right away… but like in a few months!


Another gratuitous baby pic.

img_20161219_110334 the girls have thankfully started playing really well together. And when they aren’t trying to run Owen over with a stroller, they are great at holding his hand … or piling 50 toys on top of him.

In all seriousness, Owen is a great baby and it has been going really well with 4 kids, 5 and under.

I am having some mommy brain challenges though.  I have had some fairly embarrassing phone conversations.  I called the school to find out why a cheque hadn’t been cashed.  It was because I hadn’t sent it… and they let me know that by the way, I was about to miss another deadline for some forms.

I confirmed attendance to a holiday party, but called the wrong neighbour to confirm….  and, yes that was a very confusing conversation.

On the plus side, I got most of my Christmas shopping done in early fall, and have done some fun Christmas baking and crafts.  I will try to post some pictures later!  The laundry hamper is calling my name.