Cutest Dress Alert!

IMG_5184 IMG_5181 IMG_5189

When our family found out we were having a girl… people got excited.  We love all the boys in our family… but it was time for a girl!!  …or two in our case.  My sister in law sent us this dress, and we LOVE it!  In fact it’s our current Sunday favourite.  So cute, but also super comfy.  I love the cute dresses from this little dress shop, Joe-Ella.  Here’s a few of my favourites from the toddler section, the Ellie, the Madeline, and the Brice.  You can’t go wrong with a dress you can wear to church, then use on the slide when you get home.


I love this!


Want to feel a little fancy, without worrying about it becoming undone within 5 minutes?  Sparkle nail polish!  I am addicted!!!  Even if a bunch peels off after using baby wipes to take mud out of your toddlers hair, you can’t tell.

This idea came from  They have about a million more amazing ideas, you have to check them out.

This nail polish is Nicole by OPI,  pick of the glitter.

Postpartum belly band… worth the investment?


Have you had a baby or are you about to pop that first baby out?  Have you checked out the post baby belly picture gallery on  After looking at some wrinkly, stretch marked, pendulous tummies you might be scared. … dare I say it… for good reason. *gasp*


(but clearly totally worth it!)

You may or may not have heard about this trend of wrapping your belly post partum.  Is it going to undoubtedly get you back into your pre-baby jeans a few weeks later.  I’m going to go with – no.

This pregnancy, facing my third c-section in 3 years I wanted two things.  I wanted people not to innocently ask me “when are you due”, while I am holding my 1 month old baby.  And I wanted less back pain postpartum.  With my first two pregnancies, within a few days of leaving the hospital, I was in tears putting on my underwear, (not just cuz they were that uh-gly) and needed help walking to the bathroom.  … giving birth is so glamorous.

I dove right in to this trend.  I bought the least expensive option though.  It went on as soon as I got home from the hospital.  I noticed right away that it really helped reduce the uterine bulge within days.  So I didn’t look pregnant!!  I felt a lot more confident leaving the house.  Mission accomplished.  I also felt a lot of relief on my back, and had little to no back discomfort.  When I wasn’t wearing it, I really noticed how much support it was providing me.  The long stashed away chiropractor inside me was smiling.

The negatives I found were that it was very weird to wear the band underneath clothes.  There were a lot of strange lumps and bumps.  There were also a few times that I found it irritated my c-section incision.

When I ordered my belly band, I also got a hip binder.  I would not recommend wasting your money on this.  I really really really wanted to love the product, because these hips just keep widening to prepare for natural births that never happen.  These hips DO lie (ack, sorry, couldn’t resist).  I could never get it to stay in place, and it was too annoying to remove every time I had to use the bathroom. … let’s face it, with 2 toddlers and a newborn, this lady does not need any more hassles trying to pee!

Now, at just over 6 weeks postpartum, do I look any different than the other two deliveries? …. Nope. But would I do it again? Definitely. I was a lot more comfortable chasing little people around.

As a disclaimer, I wore the belly band 24 hours a day, from about 3 days postpartum, until I hit 5 weeks postpartum. At 5 weeks, I started to wean myself of the postpartum wrap.  At 6 weeks postpartum, I was happy to completely ditch the belly band.


Long nights…. long days…

We’re all a little sleepy here.  


… a little because our new little angel is keeping mommy awake at night.  No surprises there.  …a little because the big kids have been busy busy busy.  Dad has been taking them out to all kinds of local parks, amusement parks, local fairs, shopping in many many stores.

All this hustle and bustle makes it a bit challenging to keep the kids in their regular schedule… which sometimes results in more time spent like this…

IMG_4691 (Caleb in the corner for the 200th -ish consecutive hour)

On the plus side, I got a little time to treat myself to a few really cute new outfits from Target.  I found some great stuff suggested by one of my favourite mom style blog, and the outfits worked great for me, being 2 weeks post partum!  I’m super pumped about actually having something nice to wear even when I feel lumpy and bumpy.  My favourite outfit was the “school pick up” outfit, which I’ve pretty much replicated, and bits and bites of others.

I also took advantage of Gap’s 40% off sale for labor day, and grabbed one of their fur-trimmed down puffer vest in pure red, although I love the heather grey one, that colour just looks awful on me.

Enjoy your labor day!  Let me know if you hear of any amazing labor day sales!



Diaper bag FOUND

I finally did it!  After searching through bags for-EVER to see what would be best as a diaper bag, I took the plunge.  I bought a great bag!

IMG_4330 IMG_4332

This is actually not a diaper bag at all, but just a straight forward backpack.  We very rarely use bottles of any kind with our babies, so we didn’t need a “cooler pocket” that many of the diaper bags offer.  I’m also happy to stick a few doggie bags in one section to carry any wet messes, so I didn’t require the “wet pocket”.

I love the cute design on this bag, and it’s on sale right now for 25% off, which makes it very reasonable for the high quality of the bag.  This bag was reviewed to have lasted for 25 years!  The day I purchased the bag, they threw in free monogramming, which I don’t think is available anymore.  But the monogramming bonus makes it much easier for Sunday school teachers to locate our little one’s diapers.

I’m thrilled with how the bag looks, and it is super comfortable, even when it’s fully loaded like ours.  The backpack style will be really handy for me, because I’m definitely needing both hands these days.

I think this design is currently sold out, but there’s a few other styles that are quite cute too, you can find them on