Hiking with tots


One must always wear the correct gear for a hike through the forest.

20170426_170731 If at all possible, rain boots, worn on the wrong feet, are ideal.  Of course pajamas are a first choice… when nothing else is clean.

20170426_171035 A prom dress is good for air circulation, and when your four year old will not wear anything else.


Being mindful of safety is always a priority when hiking with small children, so do be sure to help them find giant sticks.

20170426_171834  Make sure you have an infant strapped to you at all times.  Because, it is not a true adventure if your little one isn’t shrieking while you scramble up the side of a steep valley…. while chasing another toddler.

And of course, no hike with little ones would be complete without at least one full meltdown.

Just another day in the life of a mom trying to keep her kids away from screens… if only for a couple of hours.


2 year olds

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2 year olds are the best because:

They can go from hating you, to your best friend in under 30 seconds.

They can do everything “by myself!”  It may take 4 hours, but they are going to put their pants on without your help!

Laughing is their favourite hobby.

They still think they can steal cookies without you knowing… yes, honey, I have absolutely no idea why you are dragging that chair across the floor to the cupboard.

The worse curse word they know is the “P” word for potty.

But my favourite thing about 2 year olds is that a sticker or bubbles can still solve just about any problem!

Best friends forever

My 2 girls are sandwiched between a big boy and a baby boy.

Since having the two girls, I always had dreams of them becoming best friends like my sister and I are.  In the last few weeks, I have really been able to observe a close bond growing.


Although I frequently find them fighting, just as often, I find them hugging, helping each other get dressed or playing together.

This will serve them well, when they need the other to cover for them as they sneak back into the house at 1am. … not that my sister or I ever did such a thing.