Baby hideout

20180130_170831If you need all the kids in a hurry, yell “cookies” and they’ll all come running.  If you are still missing one, check the cupboards.20180130_170840


Toddler Everest

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He can walk, he can climb… The real fun begins!

Great debate

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Do I throw the cereal in the garbage or put it back in the bag and not tell the other kids the toddler dumped it all on the floor?

Keep in mind, this is a brand new costco sized bag of organic gluten free cereal.

Hiking with tots


One must always wear the correct gear for a hike through the forest.

20170426_170731 If at all possible, rain boots, worn on the wrong feet, are ideal.  Of course pajamas are a first choice… when nothing else is clean.

20170426_171035 A prom dress is good for air circulation, and when your four year old will not wear anything else.


Being mindful of safety is always a priority when hiking with small children, so do be sure to help them find giant sticks.

20170426_171834  Make sure you have an infant strapped to you at all times.  Because, it is not a true adventure if your little one isn’t shrieking while you scramble up the side of a steep valley…. while chasing another toddler.

And of course, no hike with little ones would be complete without at least one full meltdown.

Just another day in the life of a mom trying to keep her kids away from screens… if only for a couple of hours.