Sick or just happy?


“How do you know he’s sick? He looks so happy.”

“Well my first clue was the projectile vomiting”…


Best friends forever

My 2 girls are sandwiched between a big boy and a baby boy.

Since having the two girls, I always had dreams of them becoming best friends like my sister and I are.  In the last few weeks, I have really been able to observe a close bond growing.


Although I frequently find them fighting, just as often, I find them hugging, helping each other get dressed or playing together.

This will serve them well, when they need the other to cover for them as they sneak back into the house at 1am. … not that my sister or I ever did such a thing.



A conversation had while Elise was brushing my hair,

Elise, “Mommy, how many girls did you want?”

Me, “I wanted 2 you girls, 1 Elise and 1 Belle”.

Elise, “Yes, you got 2 prisoners”.

Me, “You mean daughters?”

Elise, “No, prisoners”…

Maybe this is why earlier she asked me to go to get my hair cut again, and when I asked why, she said,

“I only like you a little bit.  I want daddy to watch us again.”

Aaaww.  Words from an angel. Love her!

Family dinner party


At our house, we have really been focusing on boosting our children’s table stamina.  As in, how long they can sit at the table and maintain passable dinner manners.  We won’t be eating with the Queen anytime soon, however, Grandma won’t wear earplugs through dinner the next time she visits.


The menu tonight was:

Pepper salad with spiced creme fraiche

Patates au gratin with sausage

French bread

Chocolate layer cake with vanilla ice cream

A real hit!  The kids made it just over an hour and a half.


This is me, feeling smug and self satisfied… just give me the night… tomorrow I’m sure someone will cut a chunk of my hair off during craft time.

Enjoy the weekend!

4 Months Old

Owen is simply the happiest baby I have ever had.  He is just a delight wrapped in a pleasure.

I wish everyone could have at least one baby like this guy!

I may feel differently when he turns 3… but right now, in my world, he’s a rock star.