Ewetopia handicraft kit

I got this exciting package in the mail:

We have been learning to knit, and have enjoyed it so much we are going to try the projects in the grade 1 waldorf inspired curriculum by Christopherus.

My favorite part is the raw wool… they took a sheep, sheared it and stuck it in a bag for us.  I am looking forward to finding out what exactly we will be doing with that!


Sunday afternoon

We curled up on the couch reading, the Golden Goblet by Eloise Jarvis, a captivating novel about a young boy who aspires to be a goldsmith, despite having a cruel step brother who gets him involved in a crime.  For the younger kids we have been enjoying Pelle’s new suit.  Some of our favorite books this week were: the boy who held back the sea, pumpkin jack, the fisherman’s wife (Grimm’s fairy tale), the swamp angel and we are enjoying the King with horse’s ears and other Irish folktales, although I have had to skip a story or two because of our age level.

Owen is always finding ways to use our rainbow silk.  Belle was busy finger knitting and Caleb made us a big fire in the fireplace.

Homeschool sick day

We all struggle, it is inevitable.  But what can we do as homeschooling families when the days don’t go as planned?

D260A3B8-DCAB-41B4-B18D-49F424796C57We can choose to panic, that school won’t go as planned… much like life…. or we can have a new lesson plan for the day and live out peace… as much as we can.

35614DF0-FBFC-4F4F-8B49-40CFD0B7035CThis week, Elise broke 3 bones in her arm.  There were definitely some challenging moments.  However, we took advantage of a slower pace.  We lit candles and a fire in our fireplace.  We sang songs together, read Bible story books.  We had friends over.  And of course we did a lot of crafts.

We may not have checked every box on our curriculum list this week.  But we grew in our relationships and took some time to recover.  I hope my children will grow up and honor the seasons in which they find themselves.  Sometimes you need to dance and sometimes you need to cuddle and sing under blankets.