My favourite Belle things

Here are some fun facts about Belle these days… fun in my opinion anyways.


1.  She just started saying “I wuv uuu” (I love you).  The first night she showed me this trick she got to stay up an extra 30 minutes so I could make her repeat it to me…. that’s how mom gets paid.

2. As soon as she knows you want to change her diaper or put her to bed she runs.  This is currently hilarious… ask me again in a month.


3. She loves to eat.  She loves every kind of food, even spicy, ethnic, stinky cheeses…I haven’t tried this combined in one dish… but mostly everything!  Except she won’the eat bread… I am not sure we are related.

4. She takes all her favourite toys and books to bed.  It is a party in that crib.

5. She has recently discovered she has nipples.   This is very fascinating to her and she is happy to show and tell, to cashiers, dog walkers, mail man… modesty is a work in progress in this house.


6. She will wear anyone and everyone’s shoes or boots in the house.  But refuses to wear socks or footwear outside of the house.  I usually bring her places barefoot and put on her shoes before we go indoors.