Top 5 unprocessed kid’s snack ideas

20151124_063714 (excuse the bed head, but yummy parfait, eh? )

1. Plain Yogurt parfaits, plain yogurt, frozen fruit (blueberries and raspberries are our favs), if you have homemade granola add it, if not whatever nuts or seeds you have, and a smiley face of honey on the top… a dash of vanilla if you’re fancy.

2. Veggie sticks, (carrots, celery, cucumber, grape tomatoes) with either hummus, or chickpeas (toddlers love them straight out of the organic, bpa-free can).  Or, for an even easier treat, try frozen corn (please please please make sure it’s organic) … little kids LOVE it!

3. Homemade popsicles!  We normally make green smoothies once a week, and I try to double what we drink, and freeze the rest as popsicles.

4. Banana bread, I do my best to do at least 2 breads at a time, quadrupling the recipe is best.  Slice it when cool, and freeze in a freezer bag.

5. This granola bar recipe is another family favourite.  I also make at least a double batch of these gems.  I let them cool, slice them, and freeze them on the cookie sheet.  Once the bars are solidly frozen, I toss them into freezer bags, and have easy, healthy, fantastic treats.

With all the time you just saved making snacks, enjoy a fun show.  My new favourite is UnReal, a lifetime network show, now available on Shomi.

Day 4 of no processed foods

Day 4 had some surprises in store.  First, this guy specifically requested a banana for his snack, instead of cookies, which is his snack time request. EV.ER.Y. DAY!


Then proceeded to request TWO more!!  Yep, he ate 3 bananas in a row.  SAY WHAAT?!!

On top of that, we resolved one major issue, breakfast cereals.  The first thing the kids have done the last 4 days is rush for the boxes and try to get their hands into the sugar sugary sweet bunches.  soooooo.  We made 2 different kinds of granola.  First a basic granola, found here.  I omitted the brown sugar and the vegetable oil, instead, I added a touch more honey and used coconut oil.  I also added a few random items, like unsweetened shredded coconut, raw pumpkin seeds and hemp hearts.  It is YUUUMMMY!!  Next, we made a peanut butter granola, found here.  I didn’t have peanuts, so added a bit more peanut butter.  This time I just skipped the oil, because I plain forgot, and added baking soda instead of baking powder…. because I haven’t slept through the night in 3 years : ).  I also threw in a whole whack of unsweetened coconut, because I love it.


Here’s a snap of the kid’s lunch plate.  It’s a handful of mixed greens, a little slow-roasted sliced beef (from a local farm), some steamed green beans and carrots, and a little granola.  For dessert, they had applesauce.20150108_120223

For dinner, I decided to try making whole wheat crepes.  However, this recipe had 2 issues.  First, it took a couple attempts to not look like this:


Second, after 1 or 2 ish, unusable crepes, it only made 4 crepes..and we were out of eggs… ummm… ???  Not quite gonna cut it for our crew.  Solution: the kids got the weirdo crepes, and mom and dad got this,20150108_172716

It was awesome!  I sauteed some onions, peppers, and broccoli.  I threw on a bit of cheddar, and a bunch of kidney beans.  We had a side of mixed wild greens with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

In case you are wondering how this all came together with 3 kids, 3 and under… well… it was not exactly seamless… we took many many many hours to do 10 minute jobs.  The kids “helped” lots, and we had to take lots of breaks… we played “what time is it Mr Wolf”, with mom participating from the stove, with the baby in my arms.  And at one point, I had to shut off the burners and just sit and read books with the kids.  But looking back on the day, I am so relieved to have a couple week’s worth of cereal; and snuggling with the kids and a book are what makes up the best moments of mommyhood.

Yuummm! Day 2, no sugar or processed food

Caleb is proof that healthy food can be DEE-Licious!

20150106_142212 (anyone notice how the Christmas decorations start halfway up the tree?)

A quick sample of the amazing delicious food we ate today: Oatmeal with a maple syrup smiley face and loads of blueberries, banana bread with blueberries,


and the big TA-Dah!!! Mac and cheese (used whole wheat flour and pasta, and doubled the recipe; and froze half) with bacon sprinkled over the top.


So we all seem to be adjusting to all the treats going in the trash… although I can’t promise I wouldn’t eat a piece of Keg steakhouse cheesecake… even if it fell in the dog food bowl.  I am sure it will get easier in a few days… right?

Day 1 of 100 days with no sugar or processed foods

Our first day of no sugar or processed food is coming to a close, and it went well!  I really think we’re going to be able to make it 100 days.

What we ate today:

Breakfast was these whole wheat pancakes  reheated from yesterday (with a slight variation, honey instead of sugar).  They were served with warmed frozen organic raspberries and strawberries and chunks of pear.  These are always a huge hit, so we made a triple batch yesterday, and they kids fought over the last one.

Lunch was whole wheat bread with hummus with a side of rainbow carrots and green peppers.  This was a flop, and the kids ate only a few bites… but I’ll chalk that up to having soooo many pancakes for breakfast.

For dinner, I made chicken, bacon, bean, cheese and veggie quesadillas.  I threw these together with things I had around the kitchen.  On the side, I served some avocado.  The kids had a few bites, but weren’t wild about them.

The snacks they got today were popcorn with salt and plain yogurt with leftover raspberry and strawberry sauce from breakfast with a touch of honey.

So far, I have found planning and prepping in advance are making the biggest difference to feeding the crew.

The prep I did: Yesterday, when I had a few minutes, I threw a pack of organic bacon into the oven at 350 (all spread out) for about 20 minutes.  I used some bacon for quesadillas, I’ll use a little tomorrow for macaroni and cheese, and the rest is frozen to use as a topping for pizza this weekend.  First thing this morning, I threw 3 chicken breasts in the slow cooker with a little salt and pepper, and shredded it around 4pm.  Half of that went into quesadillas, half will be a pizza topping, along with some veggies I chopped.

The planning: during the month of december, between all the craziness of the holidays, I put together a 7 day meal rotation that suits my time constraints (three itty bitty kids), our preferences, budget and fits the rules of the 100 day challenge.  The meal plan is posted in my kitchen, and although I love to cook on the fly… these days, if I don’t prep and plan… we don’t have dinner!  So I’m hoping the convenience of sticking to the meal rotation will overcome my desire to be spontaneous.