Halloween… uncancelled

Not so fast with the concerned looks!  I didn’t quite give up all my principles.

Little boy did have a terrible day last week.  Yep, so bad it prompted me to cancel trick or treating.  But I really didn’t want to have to follow through.  I just love dressing up the munchkins and the opportunity to get to know our neighbours.

Providentially, we had a play date with a local super mom.  She had some fabulous ideas on how a 3 year old could earn back his Halloween.  So, we came up with the bucket system.  Caleb could earn 1 button for every good behaviour, such as saying please, thank you, I love you, or sharing, or playing quietly.  But he would lose 2 for any bad behaviour.  As a bonus, he got 2 buttons for either making someone laugh or singing a song.  When he got to 15 buttons, he could trade it in for a treat and a check mark.  He needed to get at least 1 check mark for each day until Halloween.  The treats were things like a bike ride, a jelly bean, or a story.

This idea just knocked my socks off.  Focusing this little boy on positive behaviours and tangible rewards has really really helped him to understand what we want him to do and the consequences of not doing that.