Fall craft, a failure.






Yep, you read that right….

Caleb has a new favourite show on Netflix, Barney.  Do I love sitting through this show…?  Nope… But, the content is reasonable, and they sometimes have cute craft ideas for us.  And boy, this looked like a safe and fun activity when we saw it on Barney.  The idea is to paint your pumpkin instead of carving it.  My kids love anything that has to do with paint.  So I intelligently laid out a big bunch of newspapers outside, put a big craft bib on Elise, and reminded them that the paint was to stay on the pumpkin, or craft time would be over.

Of course, the baby got hungry just as it was all set up.  So in the two seconds it took me to go grab a chair, this project went off the rails.

….they got paint on the patio, patio furniture, themselves, clothes, hair…. well you get the picture.  Wish I’d snapped a few pics.  But as I’m sure you can imagine, pulling out the camera wasn’t top of mind.


After a lengthy clean up, we left the pumpkin outside to dry.  It rained.  A lot.  The paint was washed off the pumpkin.  So the only part that looked painted in the end was the stem, right?  … what?  You couldn’t see that in the picture above?  Well, me neither.  So here’s an up close.



This was really fun for the kids, but required way too much cleaning afterwards…  If I was to try this project again, it would be on the grass, and I would have to be 100% available for direction… in other words, we’ll try this again in 5 years.


deep thoughts from a lazy saturday

20141018_094010 20141018_094045 20141018_094025

The boys had a morning out, so us girls decided we should have a pajama morning.  This mainly consisted of me trying to keep Elise from poking Belle in the eyes. The incredible quiet gave me a few minutes to reflect on the past 5 years.

Five years ago, almost to the day, I thought I was going to die.  Brian and I went to see my doctor to get the medical ok to have children.  This appointment did not go at all as planned.  My heart was not functioning properly.  I needed to have very extensive surgery, stop working, and get my affairs in order.  …not exactly the fun day imagining our future children we had in mind.

The year that followed was the hardest year of my life.  But, I got better and that hard time, laser-focused my priorities.  I wanted to get healthy so I could serve my family better.

October is lung health month, so I encourage you moms (and dads) to make your health a priority too.  Is there anything you can do around your home this month to increase your family’s lung health?  Are you still burning candles indoors, using incense, or plug in “scents”?  Give it up for a month.  Could you vacuum a little more, or add a HEPA filter to your vacuum?  For those with asbestos in the home, read this for what you should and shouldn’t do.  Asbestos can cause a type of cancer called mesothelioma, if not handled properly.  If you are smoking, make this the month to quit!  Did you know that If you were to stretch out the breathing surface of your lungs, it would be the size of a tennis court.  That is a heck of an area to expose to the yuckies in the air.  Also, women and children take more breaths per hour than men do.  That’s even more reason we moms need to make sure our air is clean.

This week, the kids and I are going to go for a walk in the forest and talk about how the trees clean our air.  We will also blow up balloons to learn about how lungs work.  We’ll then use the balloons for indoor “volley-soccer”…because that’s what you do when your oldest is 3 years old.

Easy Fall craft #2


This was a great craft to highlight the changing colours in the leaves.  You need a variety of colours of construction paper, scissors and a glue stick.  Draw a tree on your construction paper, cut out little leaves from a few different colours of construction paper.  To shortcut this, I mainly cut out “pointy circles”, not fancy maple leaves. … and the toddlers did not even notice.  Pour yourself a big cup of coffee, grab the nursing baby.  Hand your kids glue sticks, and let them go to town.

…or let them just eat the non-toxic glue.  …whatever.  (it’s ok, because they’ll be getting organic apples for snack, so it balances out the glue).

Easy fall craft

IMG_4896 IMG_4899 IMG_4901

Have 5 minutes?  Grab some white, green, brown and red construction paper.  You’ll need some glue sticks and scissors.  If your kids are 3 and under, cut out “tree” shapes, think green clouds.  Next cut out tree trunks, and apples.  Fill your coffee cup, and put babies down for a nap.  Give the kids glue sticks, and enjoy the looooong quiet time.

…. You’re welcome!