Snow day

When you get a big dump of snow, rejoice! Try as hard as you can to get the kids through their work quickly, send them out all afternoon…

And enjoy your #homeschoolmomsnowday !

Little moments

Leave it to a homeschooling mom to turn a broken arm into a mini unit study on the skeleton.

We put together a skeleton and learned what bones she broke, (there are 3 broken bones). We looked at the structure of the human arm and compared other animal’s arm structures.

First week of homeschooling

This week was spectacular!  We had many games, projects, outdoor time, and still managed to squeeze in many hours of reading practice for everyone.

20190822_091406…#homeschool mess!

My favourite moment of the week was a scavenger hunt we did, to learn about safety around electricity.  The hunt culminated with popcorn!  We are doing the Good and the Beautiful Safety unit to kick off our new school year.  It covers a lot, however, most of the teaching is done through games and fun activities.


Caleb’s new favourite way to practice spelling is dry erase markers on the window.

One rainy afternoon, the girls decided to build forts.

We did a lot of watercolour painting this week!