This week

This week we began our Advent unit, which is free, from Pam Barnhill. We are reading a lot of great poetry, studying the Nutcracker and Tchaikovsky. But first, we kicked it off by doing a painting lesson offered by Waldorfish, and we rolled our own Advent candles and we are now feeling inspired!

We are still enjoying our space unit. The kids are fascinated, and the activities included in the good and the beautiful science are so creative. They have also worked really well for the age range of our family.

The kids were painting Triton, Neptune’s largest moon, using puffy paint.


Painting has been an activity we have been enjoying fairly consistently for the last month.

Our favorite project comes out of a book by Thomas Wildgruber

We have been working through the first grade curriculum. We are leaning a lot about complimentary colors.

It is taught in a way that all my kids can participate.

Clay modeling

We have been using clay modeling (plasticine) to help illustrate fairy tales we are learning.

This week, we have been learning the Golden Goose, Grimm’s.

We also spent some time acting out the story. Which was a good way to learn the details. Tomorrow, each of the older kids will take a turn narrating the story to me, while I type it out.

Then we will add it to our fairy tale collection.