Fourth babies are much easier than first babies

A full box of dominos has been dumped out next to him.

The girls have been building and tearing down magformer towers next to him.

There has been lots of dinosaur roars and little girl chatter.

Owen just keeps snoozing.  He may stir for a moment, but right back to dreamland he goes.

Whereas Caleb, our first, we would be tip toeing in the basement.  He would be napping in his crib on the second floor. Of course he would wake up if we so much as sneezed.

His floor napping is working out so well,  I am cooking up all the meat from the freezer that died yesterday.

20170111_101337 Here’s a delicious sweet potato and corn chili marinating. I used all the ground beef from the freezer and loads of corn…  the kids are crazy for corn.

It will be funny one day…

We all have those days… and today was ours.

I had been sick for a few weeks with a  bad cold.  Each day I would hope it would improve, because, it had to improve, right?  Well, I finally dragged everyone to the doctor to get checked out.  I found out I have an aggressive antibiotic resistant infection.  It would not improve without some major pharmacological assistance.  I will chalk those last few weeks up to building my toughness I guess!

I also took Owen for his first vaccinations.  Which was fine.  Until we got home and he screamed for a few hours.  Then threw up all over me.  repeatedly.


Lots of cuddles and laundry then happened.

So after a day like that I figured, I will march myself to the downstairs freezer and grab one of the 20 meals I painstakingly made and froze for these early post baby days.  Guess what?  The fuse had blown and everything was defrosted.  Along with a huge batch meat and fruits and veggies from Costco.


So… my hopes are that I have a few good years without anything bad happening.


Caleb thinks this is funny.  And Someone just came down and started with,  “mommy it was just by accident….”

Sounds like fun awaits!