Spy mom


Someone was digging in the lonely dehydrated houseplant today.

How would I ever figure out who left a trail of dirt through my office and the main floor?

Oh wait, the offender must have gotten warm digging through all that dirt, and decided to peel off their socks…

These days, you have to be smart if you’re going to be a criminal.  I guess Belle is just going to have to walk the straight amd narrow path.


Elise, quirks and quarks

Our little ray of sunshine recently turned 3…. since turning 3, she hasn’t been referred to as our ray of sunshine quite as often… (future Elise, if you’re reading this, sorry dear).  If you have or have had 3 year olds. .. ya know.


She has developed some interesting quirks lately though.

I have no idea where this one came from, but she will randomly lick the palm of her hands lIke it’s a full on lollipop.  When Brian asked if she was enjoying her hands, her answer was straight to the point, “yep”.


Even Grandma isn’t sure about this whole situation.

She is also discovering humour, she tells everyone nearby, “I am going to do something really funny, and then you’re all going to laugh, OK.”  Then usually a strange face is made… that generally is more painful looking than funny.  Of course we all then laugh.  Again and again and again.

Bedtime is a sparse situation.  Elise refuses to have a single toy or pillow in her bed.  Or near her.  Or in the room.  We have been able to get her to agree to let Caleb be in charge Caleb’s bed…

“I am never”, is her favourite pronouncement.


We have been having some trouble finding some appropriate gymnastics wear (long enough bottoms) but narrow enough for her waist…. the first two gymnastics classes, she kept her bottoms on less than 50% of the time… so we opted for shorter shorts, made for 18 month olds, because they stayed on.  In this case, short shorts are better than nude.

Lately she has realized that she is the oldest when Caleb isn’t around.  She spends most of the 3 days a week that Caleb is at school bossing Belle around… at least she calls her “sweetie”.



Aww.  Sister love.  A beautiful thing.

My favourite Belle things

Here are some fun facts about Belle these days… fun in my opinion anyways.


1.  She just started saying “I wuv uuu” (I love you).  The first night she showed me this trick she got to stay up an extra 30 minutes so I could make her repeat it to me…. that’s how mom gets paid.

2. As soon as she knows you want to change her diaper or put her to bed she runs.  This is currently hilarious… ask me again in a month.


3. She loves to eat.  She loves every kind of food, even spicy, ethnic, stinky cheeses…I haven’t tried this combined in one dish… but mostly everything!  Except she won’the eat bread… I am not sure we are related.

4. She takes all her favourite toys and books to bed.  It is a party in that crib.

5. She has recently discovered she has nipples.   This is very fascinating to her and she is happy to show and tell, to cashiers, dog walkers, mail man… modesty is a work in progress in this house.


6. She will wear anyone and everyone’s shoes or boots in the house.  But refuses to wear socks or footwear outside of the house.  I usually bring her places barefoot and put on her shoes before we go indoors.

one good stink deserves another….

Lying in bed this morning, I had a spectacularly naive thought….the baby is just over two months old, maybe this is when things start feeling a bit easier…. (insert eye-roll)

9:30am, finish donating 75% of my breakfast to the kids.  …because for some mysterious reason, my oatmeal tastes much better than theirs.

10 30am, we’ve completed tidying the kitchen 3 times….Elise likes to empty cupboards.  nuff said.

10 40am We head to the basement, for some rainy day play.

10 50am, I smell something horrendous, and wonder why I feed Elise pickles….  I suddenly realize it’s not Elise… it’s the contents of our local sewer.  which is now running through our basement.

IMG_5429 (yes, my first thought was, grab a camera).

11 30 to 11 40 am, many frantic phone calls to the hubby, to figure out what I should do…

11 50am I am finally on the phone with a plumber.  I happen to also be juggling the nursing newborn and a toddler who believes I am the trampoline.  I thank my God in Heaven that Caleb was quietly playing horsey.  But he would occasionally take a little break to accompany me to the basement of many smells; to assess whether more sewer was coming in or if the smell was indeed getting worse.


12, We had bacon for lunch, because of course the smell of bacon could cover the smell of the sewer running through our basement.  right??

12 15, I swear the smell is getting worse. ….but just on the off chance, I check Elise’s diaper…. of course …she has bad case of diarrhea.

12 17, leave Elise to run around naked for 5 seconds while I get a new diaper and outfit. Pee. all. over. the. floor.

12 22….7 wipes, 4 paper towels, and an outfit later… we’re all a little happier.


12 30, I notice paw prints on the floor…  of course the dog had been out. and tracked mud through the house.  Leaving me a Hansel and Gretel style trail.


12 47… I start to wonder, had the dog made it to the white couch yet?? ….oh yeah… he was happily sitting right in the corner.  But before settling into his spot, he  (of course) walked over the whole couch, just to make sure.


12 48  The dog had a time out on the back door rug, until I could clean him up.


1 30pm Time to start stress baking…  Since it had been a tonne of messes today, I thought why not let Elise try baking brownies for the first time.  Might as well.


She loved it!  And hardly made any messes.

3pm, We pulled these beauties out out of the oven.


5pm, I grab some pizza crusts, top them with spaghetti sauce, cheddar cheese, feta, sundried tomatoes and loads of chopped baby broccoli.  Pop the 3 crusts in the oven, for 20 minutes at 400F.

5 30pm, we enjoy this deliciousness.


6 30pm We end the day with brownies.  Because any day is better when it ends in brownies.  (even though it still smells like an outhouse in here….)