Sleep tips

a6247d1e32283f0f66892e79de017d60 (Pinterest.  *I could not find a credit for this cartoon, if you know who I should credit this to, please let me know!  Thanks)

These tips are simply what I did with my kids and should not be taken as medical advice.


Feeling tired?  Another mom kindly pointed out, that if I’m not willing to share sleep tips, I should not be bragging about having 4 awesome sleepers.

First off, I wasn’t always getting 12 hours of sleep from my kids, with good naps.  With my first, he had terrible colic, and I honestly had moments wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into.  I was exhausted, my baby was up screaming all night, and I could not seem to console him.

I surveyed all my friends who had good sleepers, and read every book on the market that came recommended.

Babies can be watched for signs of sleepiness right from the early days.  When they are getting sleepy, I try to put them down awake.  I also try not to rush in if they are fussing.  To clarify, that doesn’t mean I leave my baby unattended.  It means, if baby is looking sleepy, I may put them in the playpen nearby and start working on the dishes.  If they start crying, I may finish doing one or two more dishes before I go pick them up because they may fall asleep on their own.  However, under 4 months old, I pretty much cater to any whim a little one desires.  And if having them sleep in a carrier is the only way to get them to sleep at their regular naps, I am (mostly) game.

Between 3 and 4 months, although I am usually hoping that the baby will settle nicely into a sleep pattern, they tend to become increasingly erratic sleepers.  They require more frequent nursing to sleep, rocking or holding, and seem to wake even sooner.  The erratic sleep patterns need to be addressed ideally at this stage, because of the huge developmental milestones taking place.

Around 4 months of age, healthy  babies are able to sleep through the night.  Some may still require one feed at my bedtime, but otherwise, I count on baby sleeping from 7pm to 7am. The most important point that works for us is,  I place my babies in their crib, completely awake, in a very dark, quiet room.  We also start an age appropriate nap schedule at the same time so that my babies can grow and develop well. I use a variety of methods to teach the baby to sleep through the night, depending on each baby’s personality.  But they have all learned to sleep through the night within a few days and napped well within 2 weeks.

At our house, all 4 kids sleeping well is a high priority.  It is necessary for them to recover from their activity, be pleasant little people and grow.  It also gives my husband and I quality time together in the evening, ie binge watch something on Netflix.

Feel free to e mail me or comment if you have specific questions though.  I will do my best to help.

PS. I do consult families on getting their little ones to sleep.  I have a couple spots available in April.  E-mail or comment if you want more information.

(SleepEasy Solution, Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child, Happiest Baby on the Block)

Swimming lessons in the toilet

Boy the girls have been brushing their teeth quietly for a long time….

20170228_103559  “Don’t worry mommy, we were just using our cups to take toilet water to clean the sink”  and even better, “ummm… I think Caleb forgot to flush”.

Sugar and spice and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of.



YES!  We are definitely not perfect parents around here (surprise), but I see the time I have my kids at home as very valuable.  I am not their babysitter.  I have a brief period where I can pass on skills they will need for life.  So I am a big believer in getting kids involved in as much housework as possible.


So we’ve started to re-focus on getting the kids doing some chores around the house.  Caleb is our snack man, which means every day at 3pm he helps me set the table, wash the fruit or veggie that is our snack (or cookie if grandma is visiting).  He serves everyone their snack, their drink, he clears the table, wipes it down, and sweeps.  He also loves vacuuming (yes, we’ll need to repaint all the baseboards soon), mopping (there is a 1 foot square spot on the floor that is sparkling clean), moving loads of laundry from the washer to the dryer (so much clothes falls on the floor in the process, we consider it mopping… double duty counts as extra points!) and washing dishes (ie. splashing water on the floor).

I keep my expectations very low, and give him wild praises if we’re even 50% getting the job done.

IMG_5067  Elise helps a little, mainly with funny faces.

IMG_4968Belle …well this is pretty much what she does.


Little boy blahs

IMG_4937 IMG_4916 IMG_4920 IMG_4933

I was seriously warned when my first born was getting closer to 2 years old… But why didn’t anyone warn me about 3 year olds???  I am completely unimpressed with the mouth that has suddenly appeared on my sweet boy.  At least in between the back talking, he is saying some funny stuff.

… well, of course mommy thinks they’re funny.

When playing outside at the crack of dawn, when it was cold cold cold, “No, it’s ok mommy, I’m not cold, I’m wearing my clip on tie”.

“I have a head ache that is making my foot really really hurt.”

When his Mimi (grandmother) told him if he ate too much bread it was going to come out of his ears “Don’t worry, I’ll hold it in with my hands”.

“Sing sweet Jerry, Daddy” , Daddy “what?”, “Sweet Jerry, I like him”  … it took us a while too.  He thought Swing low, sweet chariot was about a nice guy on swings.

“Don’t worry mommy, I put my Bible on the couch, I don’t want the dog to eat it.  It has good fighting stories” … we are raising some seriously mighty arrows over here.

“Mommy, I’m gonna catch a dragon and throw my sword at him”.  I’m doing a happy dance that he hasn’t caught on to what you do with swords yet.

“That was a lot of fun when I came out of my room so many times last night.  I’m going to do it again tonight.”

Thank God for the silver lining of hilarious comments from my currently challenging child.

P.S. This 3 year old sure got the memo that stripes are on trend this season. Even his sister is in awe.

Post partum hormones … awesome *eye roll*

I feel truly thankful that I’ve never had to deal with postpartum depression, and I don’t want to make light of those challenges… but man, these hormones are wild!  This is the fun my poor family has had to deal with in the last couple weeks. I literally shrieked like I was on fire and almost dove over the hubby to swat a bee away from Elise. I cried my eyes out when I missed the garbage can, trying to throw out a tissue. I really wanted to curse out someone when they made the following awesome comment, “You know, I remember thinking my baby was cute at this stage… man they’re weird looking before 3 months.”  Hey, not the brightest comment to make to a new mom… but it’s not like I don’t know it too. IMG_4664 It is a million degrees outside, and I am concerned about the kids falling into the frozen creek near our house in the winter time.  … Yes, logic has completely flown out the window. IMG_4610Hello brain… where did you go?  I miss you!