It will be funny one day…

We all have those days… and today was ours.

I had been sick for a few weeks with a  bad cold.  Each day I would hope it would improve, because, it had to improve, right?  Well, I finally dragged everyone to the doctor to get checked out.  I found out I have an aggressive antibiotic resistant infection.  It would not improve without some major pharmacological assistance.  I will chalk those last few weeks up to building my toughness I guess!

I also took Owen for his first vaccinations.  Which was fine.  Until we got home and he screamed for a few hours.  Then threw up all over me.  repeatedly.


Lots of cuddles and laundry then happened.

So after a day like that I figured, I will march myself to the downstairs freezer and grab one of the 20 meals I painstakingly made and froze for these early post baby days.  Guess what?  The fuse had blown and everything was defrosted.  Along with a huge batch meat and fruits and veggies from Costco.


So… my hopes are that I have a few good years without anything bad happening.


Caleb thinks this is funny.  And Someone just came down and started with,  “mommy it was just by accident….”

Sounds like fun awaits!