Less toys, More Nature

Looking for a toy that boosts your child’s creativity, intelligence and have a calmer home?  Go outside!  Save your money.

Yes, you read that correctly.

No toy will provide the endless opportunities for the open-ended play that nature provides for kids.


Just get them to the forest and watch them:

  1. Climb over logs
  2. Try to build a shelter
  3. Listen for birds
  4. Look for bugs
  5. Jump in puddles
  6. Throw sticks and rocks in creeks
  7. Run up and down hills
  8. Climb a tree
  9. Help smaller kids climb
  10. Scavenger hunt for acorns, moss, mushroom, etc.

With a little encouragement, your little ones will find millions of things to do outside.


No video game, plastic toy, or tv show can boost intelligence and creativity and increase happiness like being in nature (Louv).

The best part, leave the mess of sticks, rocks and leaves in the forest, and go home to your tidy home, with exhausted and happy kids… hopefully to a meal waiting in the slow cooker.