Who is the Mommy Coach?


Welcome!  I’m Dr. Katherine. I am married to the love of my life, a busy business executive. My hubby works long hours and travels substantially, but is an unbelievably thoughtful husband, a devoted dad and incredibly handsome (if you ask me).  We have 4 small children.  Even with all the boogers, vomit, dirty diapers, messes and tears, being a wife and mom is the best job in the world.  …and it sure makes for some good laughs along the way!

In fact, I love my job being a mom so much, that I just can’t help sharing the joy!

I love to read, and usually have at least 3 books on the go, one audiobook, a fiction and a non fiction.

Cooking healthy meals and special treats for the family is almost my favourite thing about being at home with the kids.

My #1 favourite thing about being with the kids though, is getting my little ones outside.  Whether that is digging holes, climbing trees, jumping in puddles or throwing stones in the creek.mclogo

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