Who is the Mommy Coach?


Welcome!  I’m Dr. Katherine. I am married to the love of my life, a busy business executive. My hubby works long hours and travels substantially, but is an unbelievably thoughtful husband, a devoted dad and incredibly handsome (if you ask me).  We have 4 small children.  Even with all the boogers, vomit, dirty diapers, messes and tears, being a wife and mom is the best job in the world.  …and it sure makes for some good laughs along the way!

In fact, I love my job being a mom so much, that I just can’t help sharing the joy!

When our first little one came along, I got no sleep.  I mean, not one minute… not even one blink!

After reading everything I could get my hands on about sleep, having 3 more children, and helping a bunch of other moms get their little ones sleeping through the night, I decided to create the Mommy Coach program for my patients.  Patients in my clinic will have exclusive access to the Mommy Coach program to help their little ones sleep through the night.



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